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In the first few weeks, I enjoyed working for Oliver Turner. I had a previous freelance client who owed me 0. He can then send the Pay Pal money to me together with my salary. I emailed Bob the Pay Pal account where he could send money. A day later, I got a screenshot of Bob's transaction that showed he just deposited 0 at the Pay Pal account I furnished him. But everything were just promises made to be forgotten.Three weeks later, Oliver Turner directed me to write additional articles for his friend. I pointed out to him that as per our agreement, I will only write two articles for him, write blogs, uploads images, and update his website, We parted ways in an amicable positive, professional way. I sent several skype messages to Oliver Turning, asking for my money.There are plenty of other carries and drags you can do by yourself for an injured person.Some are as follows: ankle pull, shoulder pull, bridal carry and back strap carry.FIGHTTIPS FOR ANDROID► Bp Xr FIGHTTIPS FOR IPHONE ► O9NOTE: This roll does work (obviously, we demonstrated it a few times), but it takes tons of practice.It took us about 10 tries before we got it successfully.Oliver Turner expressed his disappointment with my refusal. I reminded him about my Pay Pal money and Oliver Turner promised to send it " soon". Sadly, he no longer answers my email or my skype messages.Now, I don't know if I can still get back my Pay Pal money.

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Of maybe you've got a face only a mother could love?Sometime in October 2008, I answered a full time writing job ad in the Internet.Few days later, I got a response email from the employer, Oliver Turner.GET MORE FIGHT TIPS► PRTIWhether your buddy has had too much to drink, or got caught with a big punch and knocked out unconscious, you need to get him/her out of there.Here is a fast (and badass) way of picking up a friend and getting a fireman's carry.