Updating elementary schools

Promotion from one grade to the next is based on a student’s achievement of specified skills, although a child is required to repeat a year in exceptional circumstances only.(Some school districts are returning to testing as a means of determining when a child is ready to move to the next grade, in an effort to reduce reliance on ‘social promotion,’ and this is becoming yet another contentious issue.) Elementary schools provide instruction in the fundamental skills of reading, writing and maths, as well as history and geography (taught together as social studies), crafts, music, science, art and physical education (phys ed) or gym.

There were no tears Thursday, but they are expecting a lot more emotion Friday when the kindergartners come to class for the first time.The playground facilities used by Hawley School were once the Newtown Fairgrounds.They became Taylor Field, owned by Cornelius Byron Taylor, who donated the field to the town at the same time as Hawley donated the building.Therefore, we want to invite you to become an active participant in our school by volunteering to help in the office, joining the PTO, and working with your child at home.Together, we can make Earl Harris Elementary a great place for all children to learn.