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The Conversation Africa’s Samantha Spooner asked Professor Asafa Jalata about the country-wide protests. The Oromo are the single largest ethno-national group in northeast Africa.

In Ethiopia alone they are estimated to be 50 million strong out of a total population of 100 million.

Ethiopia is said to have about 80 ethno-national groups. They have named their homeland “Oromia”, an area covering 284,538 square kms.Guraacha, her pride and constant companion, became Chaltu’s best friend and she took a good care of him.Gurraacha was a strong horse; his jumps were high, and Chaltu understood his pace and style.Chaltu’s captivating and fairytale like story, as retold by Tesfaye, begins when she was awarded a horse named Gurraacha as a prize for winning a Tulama history contest.Though she maybe the first and only female contestant, Chaltu won the competition by resoundingly answering eleven of the twelve questions she was asked.