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Users select which they want as if they were changing channels.(Another fun aspect of this: battery life is said to be improved about 40%, because the transmitter runs half as much.) The other thing I think DMR has going for it is that it’s an open standard (ETSI) with a lot of commercial gear from a number of manufacturers. DMR isn’t entirely unique here, but it seems to be the cheapest path.D-STAR repeaters are similarly configured from what I’ve seen.) DMR is also interesting to me because it’s a two-slot TDMA system.

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In fact, this lab is something of a production environment, as I have a proper domestic business with an official employee. There are three i SCSI storage systems, one NAS system and one i SCSI storage device dedicated to backups.As with some of the other digital modes, DMR supports things like one-to-one calls (though the operators of the networked ham repeaters ask that it not be used there) and sending of text messages / data.So, I decided to jump in, and ordered a radio off e Bay: It’s a Motorola XPR 5550, VHF.Therefore, a single frequency can carry two conversations simultaneously.They’re dubbed slots, and many of the aforementioned ham repeaters will carry a local talkgroup on one slot and a larger-area one on the other.