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What is clear is that this system was used to access the city’s supply of water (the Gihon Spring) from inside the safety of the city walls.

Excavations in the 1980s seem to indicate that the system was post-Davidic, but more recent work establishes its Middle Bronze date (c. A new question has arisen over whether or not water was ever raised up the vertical shaft.

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Discovered by Charles Warren in his investigations of the city in the 1860s, this underground tunnel system has become known as “Warren’s Shaft.” The system by this name consists of four parts: the stepped tunnel, the horizontal curved tunnel, the 45-foot (14- m) vertical shaft and the feeding tunnel.

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I have been directly involved in many archeological digs under the authority of the IAA (Israel Antiquities Authority).

This 55-foot (14-m) vertical shaft led to a feeding tunnel which connected the base to the Gihon Spring.

The theory for a long time was that the city’s inhabitants would drop their buckets down this shaft to retrieve water. However, it does not follow that this shaft could not have been the one Joab ascended in conquering the city for David (2 Sam 5).

From this study, we concluded the Scriptures taught that Israel crossed the Red Sea somewhere on the Gulf of Aqaba, forcing Mt. Only after we had concluded our scriptural study, did we begin to consider two important additional witnesses: history and Archaeology. Josephus and Eusebius caused us to choose the general Petra area for Kadesh Barnea.

Josephus and Eusebius and others caused us to choose Mt. When conflicts arose between the Scriptures, history and Archaeology, we always chose the infallible, all-sufficient, imperishable word of God.