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This film is a series of letters, photos and video cassettes which women often send in to certain newspapers.

By visualizing their story-telling (the name given by the psychologists to ...

Au 28ème siècle, Valérian et Laureline forment une équipe d'agents spatio-temporels chargés de maintenir l'ordre dans les territoires humains.

Mandaté par le Ministre de la Défense, le duo part en mission sur l’extraordinaire cité intergalactique Alpha...

Chronicling the rocky relationship between a woman prone to sudden panic attacks and the man determined to stick by her, the film has a strong start but as it progresses, both characters make unconvincing personality about-faces even before they’ve lost the attractions they might once have had.

Expectedly strong lensing and top-notch performances can’t prevent “Ana” from feeling like a long slog, which doesn’t help its international distribution prospects.

As the film will spend the next two hours reiterating, the steady reassurance Toma then offers is not just a prelude to their surprisingly explicit intercourse – it’s foreplay.

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Andrei Butică’s fluid handheld camera once again reflects the emotions and mood of the people on screen, and the dialogue feels ultra-natural.Netzer’s shaky hand-held camera holds the two in quick, close shots as the young students tear through Nietzsche, though it’s clear from the look in their eyes that both would rather be tearing off each other’s clothes.Soon they’re doing just that, but not before the unsteady Ana collapses onto Toma’s bed in a full on panic attack.Dépassé par une nouvelle génération de bolides ultra-rapides, le célèbre Flash Mc Queen se retrouve mis sur la touche d’un sport qu’il adore.Pour revenir dans la course et prouver, en souvenir de Doc Hudson, que le n° 95 a toujours sa place dans la Piston Cup, il devra faire preuve d’ingéniosité.