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Women are complicated, and most of the times we also complicate ourselves. Although as women winning a guy is quite easy as men […] Since time and memorial, the population of women has always been greater than that of men.

This has led to some of us, settling for mediocrity.

She appears regularly on television programs such as The Morning Show, The Daily Edition and contributes to publications in Australia and overseas such as BRW, Good Health and Medicine, Marie Claire, New Idea, Woman’s Day, CLEO, Sydney Morning Herald, Herald Sun and New Idea, Grazia to name a few.

In addition, she has been commissioned by companies to advise on market trends, develop and implement research strategies and develop and write targeted marketing campaigns including the Veet Leg Language Guide, Colgate Smile Analysis and Movember Kissing Guide.

The first meeting can result in the beginning of a beautiful relationship, or can fall short and leave no room for a second date.

Most of us know within the first 15 minutes of a first date whether the person at the opposite end of the table has potential or not.

The social media sea is full of fish and, yes, some of us like to be the bait, but there’s a fine line between showing that you’re open to meeting people online and just being tacky.

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According to police, in November 2015, a then-17-year-old boy met a man online and investigators allege the man coerced the teen to meet at his home.

It’s a bunch of men who want to “see what that mouth do though” (hi Charlamagne).

It’s okay for you to be a freak for your boo, but if you keep displaying your insatiable appetite for sex, you’ll only attract nymphomaniacs.

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