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Upfront, and sometimes blunt, these guys know how nurture an honest-to-goodness relationship without any strings attached. The generosity, inclusiveness and hospitality that a Pakhtun family shows is humbling.And if they feel the smallest sense of gratitude towards you, they will open up their houses and their hearts to repay you for your kindness. If you go to a Pakhtun and try speaking in Pashto, even if your attempt is really bad, they will consider you one of their own.Have you been searching for a lifetime Pakistani partner without any success?Now you have every reason to smile because here is the solution to your problem.In one fell swoop, Zayn has disappointed desi girls and made desi boys proud.In fact, he's achieved the ultimate Pakistani objective: #Bhabi Goals, to be exact.While they rejoiced the end of his two-year engagement with Perrie Edwards, the latest development in his love life (coming to us via his Instagram account) may burst their bubble: While Sania Mirza shrugged off the honorific title, Shaniera Akram's taken it in her stride (though she was briefly confused about being called Barbie).

Known for their love stories and attitude, these guys are the most exciting dating(/life) partners you could ever have.

It's already a huge feet that he has taken by even asking you out because Pakistanis are pressured to "date" and marry Pakistani Muslims. they are very religous though but im not sure if they are racist. I met him because we go to the same mosque because I am in the process of converting from christianity to Islam. Thats why in Bollywood they have alot of white people and the dark indians in the background dancing..if they would just see that white people would spit on them if they had the chance...

It's hard to to say, but what is he and his family like? If he's nice, and you feel a 'good vibe' from him, I say yeah, go out with him. His parents know me and they know we go out to the movies and dont mind..

And remember Lady Di's romance with Hasnat Khan?

Just the thought of In fact, we're already mentally scrolling through a list of foreign supermodels/actresses/singers who might be eligible to date our Pakistani celebs who are single and on the market.