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Crime, a Tri Tech Software Systems application, is a public resource of general information.All data contained in this site has been gathered through legitimate means and with the knowledge and approval of the law enforcement agencies listed in Crime 'The list of sites sending me mail was incredibly long,' Tim told Nine News.When online dating site Russian Brides sent him the details of the person who had created an account in his name, it was revealed to be Emma.For an entire month, I decided, I would reply to every single one of my PR emails with the phrase "I love you." In 95% of cases I used this declaration as a sign-off, but occasionally a PR would be lucky enough to receive the three words in the body of an email. In most cases the exchange was simply exactly the same as usual, as though I hadn't professed my love for the PR.They just flat-out ignored what I'd said and carried on trying to sell their product. They assumed I was someone who ended emails with "I love you"; 2.

If not, can you arrest him or can you please guide me to the correct person. I recently learned that a new law was implemented that requires all registered offenders to report their e-mail and internet identification information to the State Police. I understand that on July 1, 2007, all sex offenders that own their vehicles must report this information to the Registry.Tim, from New South Wales, was bombarded with nearly 3,000 emails after Emma* created fake profiles in his name following their split, Nine News reported.One account, set up on a site which connects people with sexually transmitted diseases, suggested Tim was infected with numerous STI's, including HIV.'Just a positive guy looking for love,' the fake advertisement read.'Looking for other guys that have the same infection, to do naughty stuff with.'Tim's work email account was soon flooded with messages endorsing penis enlargement and hair loss treatment, while various gay dating sites listed his work and personal details.They thought I had genuinely fallen in love with them and were deciding to ignore the incredibly weird situation; 3.They hadn't actually read those three little words; 4.