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West Side Story is directed by Bob Richard and choreographed by Diane Laurenson.América Latina Olé Tour 2016 was a Latin America concert tour by The Rolling Stones, which began on 3 February 2016 in Santiago and made stops in La Plata, Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Lima, Bogotá, Mexico City and ended in Havana with one free show on 25 March 2016.

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Check out the music video of "Sax" featuring the whole cast and crew below.

A geologist with the Brazilian Geological Survey (known by its Portuguese acronym, CPRM) Adamy was at the time working on a general survey of the Amazonian state of Rondonia.

After asking around, he eventually found his way to a gaping hole on a wooded slope a few miles north of the Bolivian border.

Parker and Stone developed the show from The Spirit of Christmas, two consecutive animated shorts created in 19.

The latter became one of the first Internet viral videos, ultimately leading to South Park's production.