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Inq held offices in London and Rome and employed between 11 and 50 staff across the two offices.The company was founded in 2007 by Ken Johnstone (Inq's current CEO), Frank Meehan and Jeff Taylor.Like all Virgin Mobile stuff, the Overdrive Pro requires no contract.You pay for service as needed: per day for 200MB of data, per month for 2GB, or for 5GB.

If you're lucky enough to live or work where there's Sprint Wi Max coverage, you'll get unlimited 4G data.

Many have influenced the entire industry and changed the functions and performance of a product that we all carry around every day.

It is a gallery of the most distinguished and collectable mobile phones in the world.

The mobile phone has been a huge magnet for invention and a window on modern technical achievements.

This fascinating progress is presented below through the careful selection of the mobiles that were the first to hit a technology mile-stone.